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Just a quick post to thank my regular viewers and all of the new viewers as well. Just over 3 months ago we made the 10,000 hits mark. As predicted we are on a path to nearly 25,000 hits by the end of the year. And with the planned product reviews, tutorials and new video tutorials, we are right on track with nearly 21,000 hits currently.

So keep on coming and I will keep the updates coming.

  1. Jay Bolyard
    Jay Bolyard11-14-2009

    Still looking forward to part 3 of the HDR series – maybe make all three into videos – these are looking good. Thanks!

    • modifiedphoto

      Thanks, yea that may be an option. I have also learned some new ways of using Photoshop for HDR as well and it is worth mentioning in a post too.

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